Connecting Midwives

A dedicated digital platform for midwives in order to:

  • Facilitate network building and provide an opportunity for midwives to publish their projects through the Care Challenge website
  • Communicate with others midwives and share information, articles and professional resources on their work via the icmPlatform
  • Promote their participation in Midwives for Life Awards that reward and raise awareness of midwives’ projects

Frances DAY-STIRK (President of International Confederation of Midwives) and Caty FORGET (Managing Director of the Sanofi Espoir Foundation) present Connecting Midwives

Midwives’ corner on the Care Challenge website

The Care Challenge midwives’ corner is designed to promote the sharing of ideas and experiences within the midwifery community and provide greater visibility to best practices and innovative caring solutions. Midwives can post their projects directly on the website and share them with healthcare professionals around the world.

Find out about the latest Care Challenge projects posted

Find out about the Care Challenge corner for midwives so you can post your project there



If you want to share information, interesting articles or midwifery resources with your peers, or if you are looking for advice about a challenge you are facing, just post your question on the icmPlatform. The platform allows you to share documents, photos, videos and web links. The goal of the icmPlatform is to help you:

  • Connect with other midwives and healthcare professionals
  • Exchange ideas and seek solutions that others might have readily available
  • Keep you updated with the ever-changing world of midwifery

Midwives for Life Awards

Find out about rules for entering the Midwives for Life Awards.


Connecting Nurses

Connecting Nurses is a platform created for the nursing community by Sanofi and nursing organizations. This platform for knowledge and resource sharing provides new tools for nurses to enrich their practices and reinforce their key important role as healthcare players.